5 must see destinations for k-pop lovers

k-pop lovers

The K-pop genre is getting popular around the world for its choruses and catchy rhythms.The industry is very competitive and revolves around groups of multi-talented singers of both sexes 

K-pop is the soul of popular music in South korea.The idols are usually young people who are not only fashionable and good looking,but are highly trained in singing and dancing. 

From K-pop sculptures and art pieces adorning the streets,to themed restaurants and cafes, there is no dearth of coming across things associated with K-pop in South Korea

Whether you are a hard-core BTS ARMY fan or looking forward to attending an enthralling K-pop concert here are five unmissable destinations in South Korea where you can pulsate with the rhythms of this global phenomenon.

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YG Entertainment,Seoul

The YG Entertainment centre is located in an imposing looking structure which can be spotted for miles in Hapjeong district of Seoul. The stand out building is famous for its food court where one can grab a bite and watch their favourite idols pass by. A perfect spot for all YG artist fans to chill and get to know their idols.


This great cafe is owned by BTS’s Jimin’s father and is an.ideal place for those wanting to relax with a cup of coffee in hand. The insides are a wonderful blend of minimalist and modern design,with a massive chandelier hanging at the centre of the cafe. Apart from the coffee,Magnate is well known for its drinks and delicious pastries as well.

Mouse Rabbit,Seoul

Another cafe in Seoul which is a draw with the ones in the K-pop industry and one which has found favour on many YouTube channels. Mouse Rabbit is owned by Super Junior’s Yesung and his brother. This large cafe is spread over three floors,each with a unique charm of its own. All in all,the cafe is great for an Instagram photo location.

Cafe Soo,Gwangju

This cosy cafe was gifted by Bae Suzy,said to be South Korea’s first love, to her mother in 2013 and has the interiors and exteriors covered with her pictures. For tons of Bae Suzy content,not to forget the fabulous coffee, Cafe Soo,despite its distance from Seoul,is a must visit place if you are a Bae Suzy fan.


Thanks to the world famous Psy’s hit “Gangnam style”,it is not surprising that Gangnam city is also on the K-pop travel destination list. In fact,there are tons of K-pop memorabilia worth checking out in Gangnam.

There is also a famous street here,known as Gangnam K-star road,devoted entirely for K-pop fans,the first of its kind in the country. Another popular location in Gangnam is the Gangnam Style Statue.

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